The Central Haven Official Foundation welcomes your interest! Our foundation is committed to excellence in peer-to-peer networking for growing businesses, local companies, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and anyone needing support in their industry. We also welcome those interested in mentoring, conducting webinars, or sharing their experience and expertise in any way possible, as well as sponsoring our foundation and our work.

The Central Haven Official Foundation boasts a wide range of members and supporters and a wealth of opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. We welcome hearing from those looking for networking opportunities and appreciate your feedback on our past seminars and other events. We also appreciate knowing what you feel is needed to ensure the best success for local businesses and startups like yours!

We appreciate those with an interest in supporting our foundation and welcome sponsorship inquiries as well. The Central Haven Office Foundation offers space on our site and in advertising and marketing materials for those interested in our work, as our way of saying thank-you for your support. Tiered sponsorship opportunities are also available for those in a variety of industries.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the foundation, in participating in any of our events, or would like to know more about our networking opportunities, please contact us directly. A team member will get back to you as quickly as possible and, in the meantime, we invite you to browse this site and learn more about our work and support options. We also welcome you to learn more about local businesses in your area and what makes them a success and encourage you to offer them your full support as well!

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