Fundraising Event Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in planning an event to benefit Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland. We truly appreciate your efforts to make a difference in the lives of children. To support you in your efforts, we offer the following tips from experienced fundraisers. A little pre-planning will get you started on a successful fundraising project. 

6 Steps to Planning a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Form a Planning Committee: The enthusiasm and dedication of the people who help you plan and organize your event will increase the probability of its success. Your committee should have enough members to share the work and represent a wide range of different skills.
  2. Set Goals: It is important to begin your fundraising plan by establishing your goals for the fundraiser. Make decisions about who your audience will be, what kind of fundraiser you want to have, and what you wish to accomplish (e.g. raise a specific amount of money for Children's or teach friends about the organization). 
  3. Choose the Right Event: Your event should fit the size, interest, talents, goals, and time availability of your group. Events should complement the mission and image of Children’s Hospital. 
  4. Develop a Budget: Identify possible sources of income and all anticipated expenses. Make sure to indicate which items you will need to buy and which items can be donated. Keeping your up-front costs down by identifying sponsorship opportunities will ensure a larger contribution to Children's and result in satisfied guests.
  5. Promote and Publicize: Your plan for promoting and publicizing your event will be key in reaching your target audience and overall goal. 
  6. Community Outreach: Connect with your community by seeking in-kind goods and services from local vendors for your event. This could include donations of food, the venue, entertainment, auction items, etc.

Thank you for selecting Children's Hospital as the recipient of your fundraising activity.

Your successful event will help Children's Hospital Oakland continue to offer excellent pediatric care, research, education and advocacy for kids right here in Northern California- and around the world. 


Email or phone: Development Services Coordinator
(510) 428-3890

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