What Most Texans Don’t Know About AC Repair!

It’s vital that Houston residents keep their residential and commercial air conditioners in good repair throughout the year, to avoid having their AC unit break down during the hottest summer days! While every home and office is sure to need Houston AC repair sooner or later, understanding the causes of AC breakdown and how to avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs can ensure that your home’s unit is always functioning as it should. You can then also avoid added AC repair costs as well.

Common Causes of Needed AC Repair

A homeowner can’t always avoid needed AC repair, as every make and model of residential air conditioning will have an expected lifespan; after that time, parts inside the unit are more likely to simply stop working or fail to work as they should. For example, the bearings inside an air conditioning fan might begin to fail after so many years, so that they don’t spin those fan blades properly and air is not pushed through the home’s vents efficiently.

However, many homeowners don’t realize that dirty ductwork in the home as well as an old and clogged furnace filter also put added stress on their air conditioning system and results in premature AC repairs in Houston. Dirt and debris collecting around the grilles outside the compressor also block airflow so that the unit runs hotter than usual, leading to early breakdown.

Neglecting regular AC maintenance in Houston also allows an air conditioning system to suffer excess wear and tear. AC maintenance typically includes cleaning dust and debris from inside the unit so that belts can move freely, and oiling bearings, gears, and other such parts. An AC repair contractor can also note if certain parts are showing excess wear and tear and replace those as needed and before the entire unit shuts down or fails to produce and circulate cooled air.

Choosing a New Air Conditioning Installation

Many Houston residents don’t understand how to choose the best unit for a new AC installation, often picking the cheapest air conditioning system on the market or assuming that an overly large unit will be the best option for keeping their home cool. This can result in a home that’s never cool enough or one that is always cold and clammy!

A cheap air conditioning system might be undersized for your home, lacking the power needed to push air through all the ducts in the house and reach rooms far from the compressor or blower. A small and underpowered unit might also fail to pull humidity from a home as needed, so that certain rooms still feel overly warm and humid even if the unit cycles on constantly.

An oversized unit is also a poor choice for a home! An air conditioning system removes humidity as well as heat, so an overpowered unit might cool a space before it can pull out excess moisture in the air. Your home will then feel too cold and even downright clammy. An oversized and overpowered unit will also use more electricity than necessary so that you’re facing higher utility bills than if you opted for a unit sized properly for your home.

When to Get a New AC Unit

A Houston homeowner should consider a new AC installation when their current unit is near the end of its expected lifespan, or when major parts are starting to wear down and need replacing. It’s also good to consider a new unit if you’ve added space to your home, removed or added interior walls, or if you notice that the current unit doesn’t cool your home as expected for any reason!

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