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A homeowner would do well to call a plumber in Princeton NJ for virtually any work on pipes and other fixtures and features they need to have done, even if those repairs or upgrades are relatively minor. Plumbing in a Princeton, New Jersey, home is often more complicated than people realize and even one small mistake can mean future plumbing disasters and expensive water damage.

While many plumbing projects around the house can wait until it’s convenient and affordable for you to make an appointment, you might note some urgent reasons to call a plumber in Princeton NJ. This information will ensure you keep your home’s plumbing in good repair and avoid otherwise unnecessary disasters and resultant damage to your home.

Call a Plumber in Princeton NJ for No Water in the Home

If there is no water coming through any taps or faucets and toilet tanks don’t refill after flushing, this is often caused by an outside main break or another such emergency. You might go online or call non-emergency services to see if the city is working on pipes or are aware of another emergency that shut down water to your home; if not, it’s time to call a plumber in Princeton, NJ!

In some cases, broken outside pipes are on your property and are your responsibility to fix. Severe clogs or broken pipes in the home might also result in water stoppage. Whatever the case, it’s vital that you call for plumbing services in Princeton NJ as quickly as possible.

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Call a Plumber in Princeton, New Jersey for Gaseous or Sewage Odors

If you smell gas in the home, it’s vital that you turn off all sources of flames and exit the house right away, and call for emergency gas or plumbing services in Princeton, NJ. Gas leaks from a stove or furnace might need the services of a contractor but typically a plumber in Princeton, NJ handles gas leaks from a damaged water heater.

Sewage odors often indicate severe clogs somewhere in the plumbing lines or a broken sewage pipe. You might even notice murky, slushy areas of your yard that also smell like raw sewage! These breaks tend to get worse over time and are very unhygienic and unhealthy, so ensure you call for emergency plumbing services in Princeton, NJ for any issues related to sewage backups or even the strong smell of raw sewage.