Success Stories

Each day, children with incredible strength, bravery and willpower come through the doors of Children's Hospital seeking care and treatment. We are privileged to interact with these inspiring everyday heroes and their families. These are their stories.

Kailen’s Smile Says it AllKailen’s Smile Says it All

Even before Kailen was born, his mom knew she would need help. An ultrasound diagnosed her baby with gastroschisis, which meant he would be born with his intestines outside his body. Children’s was there for Kailen through a difficult beginning and continues to remain a dedicated partner in his ongoing care.

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Small patient with his family in the hospital.Rokie’s Song

After being diagnosed with E. coli, his parents chose to have him transferred to UCSF Benioff Oakland for specialized care. Not long after his arrival, the decision was made to initiate dialysis. Rokie’s kidneys were no longer working and without this course of treatment, he was at risk of dying.

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Patient in hospital bed giving the thumbs up.Leiya's Story: Living with Sickle Cell

Lying back on her bed in her sparkly Supergirl t-shirt, Khale'iya (Leiya) looks like any other six-year-old after a day at school. Except her bed isn’t in her room at home—it’s in a clinic room at the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.

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Patient today, swimming and smiling.Lucas: Fighting the Good Fight

For Lacey Friedman, carrying her son Lucas through a troubled, shortened pregnancy was only the beginning of the difficulties that lay ahead for her baby boy. While Lacey’s doctors detected heart, brain, and kidney anomalies in utero, it wasn’t until Lucas was born that she learned he had CHARGE syndrome.

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Baby & Father With Doctor In Hospital Awesome Dawson

A half hour after birth, Dawson couldn’t breathe. This is common among severely premature infants, but Dawson was born barely a month early, and he was a healthy 6 pounds, 3 ounces. Why was such a well-developed infant having trouble?

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Boy with baby picture. Parker's Future

“Parker’s skull didn’t flex during delivery, and when he arrived, he had a long, narrow head that was pinched on the sides,” she recalls. “His head didn’t look at all like his brother Brandon’s, who is three years older. The doctor in Colorado said Parker’s head shape was due to the difficult delivery."

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Healing Children, Saving Lives

Over 100 years ago, nurse Bertha Wright and a group of East Bay women founded the hospital now known as Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland. Today, we continue their legacy by providing the best pediatric care and by advancing research to find cures for devastating illnesses.

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